7th Mar 2016 - 10th Mar 2016. 3 nights.
13,072km travelled. 1,862km travelled excluding flights.

I got the ferry over to the train station and then a regular train took us to the border. After immigration we got on the sleeper train to Bangkok. It took 22.5 hours in total. Once in Bangkok, I got the underground for a few stops and then walked the rest of the way.

Wat Pho

Grand Palace. They gave us free pants to put on as you can't get in if your knees or shoulders are visible. There were a lot of tourists there.

Giant Swing

There were lots of other religious buildings around.

Bangkok is huge so there are lots of different markets, areas and parks. There is a noticable amount of wiring and cables hanging from telephone poles.

They're fond of the king and have a lot of pictures of him around. There are also a lot of flags about. I saw a lot of police and army around. Thailand has been under martial law since the army coup in 2014. There have been a number of small protests since then, mostly by students, but they are quickly broken up. One was a sandwich protest where free sandwiches were handed out - "sandwiches for freedom". A number of people were arrested for the possession and intent to distribute sandwiches.

I didn't go to a Muay Thai kickboxing fight but I did pass an outdoor training ring down an alley at the back of a school.

This is a thai red curry. There was also a huge amount of street food vendors.

Bangkok is probably the first place I felt I definitely would have liked to stay longer.