Hội An

1st Jun 2016 - 3rd Jun 2016. 2 nights.
15,008km travelled. 3,798km travelled excluding flights.

I got the overnight sleeper bus from Nha Trang to Hội An which left at 7pm and arrived at 6am. I had asked for a seat at the side, at the back and at the bottom but when I got there the manager couldn't find my reservation so he put me in the middle, at the front and at the top. They put on some sort of highlights of a traditional Vietnamese music competition tv show for the first few hours and I had the best seat.

The hostel, Villa Riverview, was more like a B&B. Some one in the family was usually around to the living room/reception to help you. In the mornings, the father cooked breakfast in the kitchen.

Regular city

The "ancient town" section of the city. It was quite well done. There were no cars allowed in this section and a subsection had no motorbikes either. They had synchronised music playing along the street. You had to buy tickets (€0.80 each) and there were 17 different places you could use them. A lot of this part of town was restaurants and clothes boutiques.

Japanese bridge.

Phúc Kiến assembly hall.

Old house of Tấn Ký.

Quảng Triệu assembly hall.

Cẩm Phô communal house.

Day market

Night market

River side