Kuala Lumpur

2nd Mar 2016 – 4th Mar 2016. 2 nights.
11,564km travelled. 354km travelled excluding flights.

I got the subway over to the cruise ship terminal where the bus was leaving from. It was a really nice bus with big comfy seats and they gave us free water and a meal. It took five hours including going through Singaporean immigration as well as Malaysian immigration and customs.

I couldn't really see much apart from jungle from the highway. I think they built it to be as straight as possible while the towns and cities along the way would be along the coast.

I got a peak at the skyline from the bus on the way in. It dropped us off right beside the Petronas Towers. They were the tallest buildings in the world between 1998 (overtaking the Sears Tower in Chicago) and 2004 (overtaken by Taipei 101 in Taipei).

The hostel was very busy, I couldn't tell how many people were staying there.

It was located in Bukit Bintang, which is a major shopping and restuarant area. They have an elevated monorail in the city.

Chinatown was around the corner. There were various restaurants and street food vendors.

The hostel was organising a pub crawl which actually only consisted of two bars. The first was Skybar, which was expensive (8 euro for a beer) but had a great view of the towers and rest of the city. The second place was an Irish bar that I believe the owner of the hostel also owned.

I headed over to the Batu Caves, which were up a lot of steps. It is a Hindu shrine so there are a lot of Hindu ornaments around. The first section of the caves had a large interior section and then an opening. There were some monkeys around trying to steal stuff off people.

People were fascinated by a cock that was fighting its reflection.

I almost missed the other section of the caves where they were giving guided tours in the area where there were bats and some race species of spider and centipede. It was hard to take any photos inside as it was so dark. There was a nice view of the city from the entrance to this section.

The city is very developed. The new shopping centres all looked like the kind you'd see anywhere else. The footpaths and building standards weren't great and driving seemed to be a free for all.

They were also big fans of food courts. I got some Korean pork stir fry that was very spicy.