Mũi Né

14th May 2016 – 16th May 2016. 2 nights.

I headed over to Mũi Né for two nights to get away from the city. Mũi Né is actually a nearby fishing village that's included in the Phan Thiết city – which is just a collection of a few built up nearby areas along the coast. It was about a five hour bus. The hotel was up a big steep hill but they upgraded me to a much nicer room for free when I got up there. There was a nice pool area overlooking the coast. The area I was in was mainly a beach resort. I didn't bring my phone to the beach so didn't get any photos of that.

There isn't really much else to do there. You could get a bus over to a "fairy stream" that you could walk up for about a kilometre. There is a small waterfall at the end. You could rent a hammock and have some fresh coconut water.

Food was cheaper than in Saigon. There was a restaurant called Mr. Crab (which included a large picture of Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants on the front). They had all sorts of fish, crabs, eels and frogs in tanks you could pick to eat. All this food and beer was €14.