30th Aug 2016 – 2nd Sep 2016. 3 nights.
18,641km travelled. 6,562km travelled excluding flights.

I got the subway to the Guangzhou South train station – which is enormous. I spent a while trying to figure out where to go. The extra security that makes the old signage and process more complicated. The bullet train covered the 2,400km in just under 8 hours and cost 783 CNY (105 EUR). The smog seems to be everywhere, even out in the countryside. There were tonnes of apartment blocks under construction or just finished (many seemed empty) in every town or city we passed.

I got the subway over to the hostel. Shanghai has the second busiest metro in the world. The hostel was called the Phoenix Hostel. It was only okay, the room smelled funny.

Shanghai is the biggest city in China with 24m people living in the city proper. It’s only a small bit cheaper than Dublin. It has an older feel to it than Guangzhou. It has this weird combination of old colonial and neo-classical, modern international and retro-futuristic architectural styles – most of which are blanketed with plenty of advertising and neon. It has more Art Deco style buildings than any other city.

People’s Park

East Nanjing Road is the main shopping street.

Shanghai was one of five cities forced to open for trade after China lost the First Opium War and there were different areas of the city sectioned off for the British, US and French. The Bund, part of the International Settlement (British & US sections) along the river has lots of old colonial style buildings. The Monument to the People's Heroes is at the end.

The Pudong New Area, specifically the Luijibiz area just across the river is the newer CBD with the famous skyline. The building on the right in the fifth picture is the second tallest building in the world.

Yuyuan Garden & Old City

Xintiandi is an pedestrian area in the French concession area with a bunch of fancy western shops and restaurants. It’s the most expensive area to live in China. The small old buildings have been renovated – some renovated from scratch allegedly. 3,500 families were displaced to create the area.

Jade Buddha Garden

The St. Ignatius Cathedral was undergoing renovation.

The Urban Planning Demonstration Hall had a huge model of the city.

I got some beef noodles.