13th Sep 2016 - 16th Sep 2016. 3 nights.
23,001km travelled. 10,922km travelled excluding flights.

I got the train up from Kyoto and then the subway to the hostel. There were a lot of businessmen wearing white shirts.

The hostel wasn't as nice as the previous two. There were 9 beds in the 8 bed room.

The city is extremely clean. There's no rubbish (and very few bins), no graffiti, no stickers or posters. It's extremely safe. People don't lock their bikes. There are two separate subways – some lines intersect but you have to get a different ticket to change lines. Then there are the local railway lines, some of these stations have the same name as the subway stations but may or may not be in the same place. It's a little confusing at first.

East Gardens of the Imperial Gardens, entrance to the Imperial Palace. You can't get in as the Emperor lives there.

National Museum

Ueno Park

Sensō-ji temple, Kaminarimon gate

I liked the Edo-Tokyo Museum which had two sections, one about life in Tokyo under the Edo period when Japan isolated itself from the rest of the world before 1868 and then the period afterwards when it was forced to open up by the US and it became the first non-Western country or colony to industrialise.

I visited the Akihabara area which is the centre of anime, manga as well as electronics shops.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tocho) observation deck is one of the free observation decks. It was too cloudy to see Mt Fuji. They were selling Godzilla toys up there.

Meiji Shrine and Inner Garden

I made a quick visit to Takeshita street in the Harajuku area which seemed to be for normal shopping.

I went down to the Shibuya pedrestrian crossing – the busiest in the world. It wasn't rush hour but still reasonably busy.

Finally, I headed over to Ginza where the fancy stores and hotels are.